Clean Power Production Technologies


Innovative 氢 Production and 燃烧 for the 能源过渡

Interest around hydrogen utilization and carbon capture to facilitate carbon emissions reductions has been gaining speed in the last few years with new technologies, 基础设施, and policies being developed backed by strong public support.

氢 has potential to be used in various applications such as for high-grade heating in industrial processes, ammonia for fertilizers and chemicals, 精炼过程, blended with natural gas or other gaseous fuels for electricity generation, 运输燃料, or in the production of ammonia and methanol.

BrightLoop™ Next Generation Low-Carbon Technology for Power and Industry

To meet these challenges, B& W has developed an innovative energy production technology that can simultaneously support industry’s low-carbon initiatives and the energy transition. Our BrightLoop™ chemical looping process can be used for a wide range of applications, including 制氢.

The BrightLoop 制氢 technology can utilize a wide range of feedstocks, including solid fuels such as biomass, 煤炭, 石油焦和废弃燃料. While the output of the process can be configured in multiple ways, the most beneficial near-term opportunity for using this technology is to produce hydrogen cleanly and efficiently.

The BrightLoop system is highly scalable and can be applied to a range of industrial processes. With its inherent isolation of carbon dioxide (CO2) to enable storage, sequestration or beneficial use, there is no need for post-combustion CO2 scrubbing, thus, significantly reducing both capital and operating costs.




  • 蒸汽
  • 合成气
  • 甲醇或其他燃料


  • 固体燃料 can used as the feedstock
  • 低碳强度 from >95% pure CO2 stream
  • Low-Cost 氢 production due to efficient process


  • 炼油厂
  • 发电
  • 纸浆 & 纸
  • 食品生产
  • 水泥
  • 更多的


  • 天然气
  • 煤炭
  • 石油焦
  • 生物质
  • 沼气
  • 有机废物

BrightGen™ 氢 燃烧

氢 Production Technology at B& WB的另一种方式& W is supporting the hydrogen economy is through our BrightGen™ hydrogen combustion technology. Burning cleaner hydrogen in industrial processes results in lower-carbon intensive byproducts from the combustion process. 氢 can comprise 100% of the input fuel or be combined with other readily available gaseous fuels.

We have designed and provided more than 60 industrial water-tube boilers firing hydrogen or a hydrogen-blended fuel throughout the world. We are currently evaluating many opportunities to retrofit solid fuel-fired boilers with BrightGen hydrogen combustion technology. Detailed evaluation of the entire boiler system includes:

  • 燃烧 equipment – burners, ignitors, flame scanners, fuel trains
  • Boiler performance – heating surfaces such as superheaters and reheaters
  • Air system – fans, air heaters, air ducts, overfire air systems
  • Controls – burner management system, control systems