Petrochemical & Refining


Leading Clean Power Production Systems for the Petrochemical & Refining Industry

Babcock & 威尔科克斯为石化公司服务 & refining industry for many years by providing a wide range of clean power production technologies and aftermarket support services including parts, 设备升级和现场工程.

Services & Engineered Solutions for the Petrochemical and Refining Industry

Babcock & Wilcox has served the oil and gas industry for many years. 用于FCC气体冷却的锅炉, carbon monoxide (CO), 余热(WH)和辅助蒸汽, 锅炉清洗系统, petroleum coke handling and 静电除尘器s, our custom engineered technology solutions add value to your refinery operations. In addition, 我们可以提供关键周转范围的开发, field engineering support and construction services.

  • 发电和蒸汽发电
  • 空气、水和气体处理
  • Material handling
  • 周转项目和服务
  • 技术现场支持和咨询服务


Requirement: 模块化蒸汽供应解决方案

B&W Scope: 8 x 573,000 lb/hr TSSG™ boilers; designed with patented drum internals to handle low quality feed water

Result: Highly modular TSSG design gave customer on time startup of reliable steam generators.



Requirement: Waste Heat Boiler, Engineering Study and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Scope: ASME Section VIII Unfired Waste Heat Boiler System Supply

Result: Increased efficiency, increased unit reliability, decreased turnaround maintenance time

The project achieved successful startup with all performance guarantees met. As of this writing, the unit has been continuously operating (4 years) without an outage or performance issues.



Requirement: Steam generation solution that could provide five minutes’ worth of water retention in case of a loss from feedwater pumps before a low-water trip to the boiler

B&W Scope: 115,000 kg/h (253,532 lb/h)高架三筒水管锅炉, dual low NOx burners, 双强制通风机, economizer, control system

Result: Drum level didn't deviate more than 15 mm from set point during normal plant load swings. 一氧化碳和氮氧化物排放量远低于规定水平.



Requirement: 石油焦脱水系统

B&W Scope: Hydrobin®脱水系统的设计和供应

Result: Fully modular plug and play design allowed fast project installation.

Services & Engineered Solutions

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Boiler aftermarket (upgrades, parts, services and construction)

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Electrostatic precipitators and aftermarket solutions

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Boiler aftermarket (upgrades, parts, services and construction)

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Electrostatic precipitators and aftermarket solutions

Field Engineering & Advisory Services

B&W's wide range of 炼油工程和咨询服务 除了锅炉,还要包括压力容器, heat exchangers, piping, 蒸馏塔等.

  • CO, water-tube package and waste heat boiler inspections, repairs and troubleshooting
  • Tubing and retubing (including IHTE)
  • 燃烧器诊断和修改
  • 烟气排放咨询服务
  • Distillation tower tray removal and installation, nozzle repairs, etc.
  • Pressure vessel / heat exchanger inspections and rerate design, modifications and repairs

Turnaround (TAR) & Construction Services

专业领域和施工工程师, 熟悉炼油厂操作, 可用来支持TAR范围定义, 计划和执行.

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We are a global leader in supplying a wide range of boiler designs to meet targeted, challenging, 长期的操作和性能目标.

  • CO boilers
  • 余热锅炉
  • 水管包辅锅炉
  • Boiler pressure parts including tubes, headers, steam drum, generating banks
  • Combustion components including burners and ignitors
  • 套管,管道,管道和五金

Boiler Cleaning & Monitoring Systems

Using steam, 压缩空气或水, Diamond Power® boiler cleaning systems are trusted to remove deposits, 防止锅炉堵塞, 保持锅炉效率. 一百多年了, our specialized designs and configurations have met customer needs for precision, 可靠性和效率.


B&W's 静电除尘器 technologies deliver maximum particulate removal efficiency with proven reliability and reduced operating and maintenance costs. 我们的工程升级, 优质部件和可更换部件, and aftermarket services help keep existing ESPs running efficiently and effectively, regardless of OEM.

Catalyst Dust & Pet Coke Handling

B&W是所有设备的原始制造商 Allen-Sherman-Hoff® (或A-S-H®)灰处理设备、系统和 replacement parts.

  • 零件库存大
  • 催化剂粉尘运输和储存系统
  • 可乐碾碎汽车,让汽车解体
  • Hydrobin®脱水箱

Wet Gas Scrubbers for Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Emissions Control

Wet Gas Scrubber

Developed by ExxonMobil in the 1970s and now licensed by B&W, 湿气洗涤技术 removes particulates and sulfur dioxide (SO2) by intimate mixing of the flue gases with an aqueous scrubbing liquid. The technology can also be enhanced to meet tighter restrictions on nitrogen oxides (NOx) or particulate. This well-proven technology provides refiners with numerous advantages for maximum FCC unit availability.

Cooling Systems

Our experience includes wet cooling (mechanical and natural draft) systems, dry cooling systems and hybrid cooling solutions as dictated by site-specific requirements. We design plants for a wide range of project requirements such as high seismic and wind loads, vibration control, corrosion resistance, low-noise emission, 低于冰点操作才起作用, 以及海水应用.

Safety & Certifications

我们员工的安全, 我们合作的团队, the customers we serve and the customers they serve are always our highest priority. Personnel at every level participate in training and ascribe to adopting our Target Zero safety program, focused on creating and maintaining an environment that is incident- and injury-free.

除了我们自己对安全的高标准, 质量和客户服务, our dedicated personnel are also certified by various regulatory authorities and jurisdictions around the world. We are capable of and recognized for successfully executing projects for our refinery and oil & gas customers, meeting all industry and site-specific requirements.

Carbon Capture

We’ve been at the forefront of developing Innovative carbon capture technologies for several decades. Both post-combustion and oxy-combustion technologies are available for existing and new installations. In addition, our BrightLoop™ chemical looping technology is flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications. The process isolates carbon dioxide for storage/sequestration or beneficial use while producing outputs such as hydrogen, steam and/or syngas.

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