Coal 磨煤机 and Mills

Found at power stations throughout the world



可靠的煤 粉磨机 performance is essential for sustained full-load operation of today's power plants. An effective 粉磨机 must be capable of handling a wide variety of coals and accommodating load swings in 实用锅炉 高达1300兆瓦.

B&W's 粉磨机s, found at power stations throughout the world.

From our original E/EL ball-and-race type 粉磨机s for lower capacity applications, to the latest最新的;&W Roll Wheel™ 粉磨机 capable of grinding up to 230,000 pounds of coal per hour (104,300公斤/小时), we set the standard for high availability, reliability and low maintenance.

每一个B&W 粉磨机 is built with a commitment to quality, durability and operational excellence:

  • Operates a minimum of 3,000 hours between internal inspections
  • Maintains fineness and capacity throughout the wear life of the grinding elements
  • Accepts and grinds a wide variety of coal types
  • Requires a minimum number of 替换零件
  • Allows for easy maintenance through a single, large access door
  • Includes capabilities to manually or automatically change spring loading and/or coal fineness
  • Utilizes the most advanced wear and erosion protection Today, with more than 1,100 B&W Roll Wheel 粉磨机s sold worldwide and six different sizes burning a variety of coals, B&W has the proven design and operating experience to meet your specific project requirements. This performance has made the B&W Roll Wheel 粉磨机 the 粉磨机 of choice for coal-fired boiler operators and owners.



World-Class Wear Materials

2015年,B&W和 Magotteaux formed a strategic alliance to provide world-class wear material products and services to customers around the globe. Through the alliance, we can offer:

  • Metallurgical expertise and patented technologies for specialty alloys and composite materials, so your equipment has greater performance and longer life
  • Proven and customized technology and parts for 米尔斯 of varied OEMs, fuels, wear materials (low chrome, high chrome, ceramic)
  • Xwin® technology that extends running life of tires and segments, increases time between maintenance cycles, 减少了啊&M costs, lengthens consistency of grinding profiles and reduces power consumption
  • Worldwide safety- and quality-certified manufacturing facilities, 替换零件 stocking programs, and a network of field service engineers for reliable, 响应服务

售后市场产品 & 服务

除了, we continually develop new technologies, 升级, 替换零件, and inventory management programs to improve reliability and performance, and to reduce operating and maintenance costs of our B&W Roll Wheel and E/EL 粉磨机s, as well as CE-type 米尔斯.

粉磨机 / Mill Upgrades

CE-Type 粉磨机 部分